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Muscle building

For people who want to get bigger and effectively increase muscle mass while keeping fat increase to a minimum.

Weight loss

Are you looking to lose a significant amount of weight? Speed up your metabolism with our awesome workouts while eating enough healthy food without going hungry.

Sculpted body

A great choice for people who want to get ripped, lose excess fat and tone their muscles.

6 pack abs

To emphasize the abs it's important to have no more than 10% body fat. Lean out with a focus on creating defined abs and obliques.

Growing glutes

Grow beautiful buttocks without the large legs. Be ready to follow strict instructions for specific exercises and nutrition.

Wide back

The back muscles are very difficult to grow properly! Strict adherence to the exercise technique, powerful workouts and a strict diet are the recipes to success.

Big arms

Huge biceps? Remember: the triceps make up 2/3 of the volume of the arm! For growth, it's important to develop the upper body completely: chest, back and shoulders.


Are you short of breath all the time? Does your body give up quickly? Do you have no strength? Then you've come to the right place! We can help solve these issues with adaptation, intensive workout plans and cross fit.

Increase your strength

Power lifting –great for people who love to improve upon their personal best! Bench press, squats or dead lifts - push the boundaries of your body.

Promoting healthy workouts

If you have any adverse health conditions, but you want to work out safely, it’s important to train the body without risking your health.

Postpartum recovery

Dear moms, we know what you need to help you get your pre-pregnancy body back quickly and effectively. Don’t just take care of your baby, but also yourself.
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Over 500 exercises with high-quality live animations


Over 4500 food products with compositions and calorific value tables

Sports nutrition

An important addition to the diet for building muscles quickly


Everything about pharmacology for performing athletes
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Hundreds of people on the way to their perfect body and motivated to succeed

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The users of the Fitness Online app
I'm in love with this app! Not just an app but a tool for people losing weight. Certainly, they made great efforts creating this app and for this I'd like to say many thanks! You can find great exercises, everything is clearly explained, morning exercises, stretching before going to bed, a few fitness plans, a diet plan, even a list of products!
A very good app for both those starting out at the gym and those looking to take their workouts to the next level. For my weight, age and goals (gaining mass), I chose a very good program of workouts. If you workout with the recommended weights and number of sets, you can manage to do all the exercises without failing, but you’ll still feel satisfied afterwards!
Doing sports, losing weight and beefing up has always been my goal, but it was too expensive to go to the gym with a personal trainer. And then I came across this app, I decided to try it. I like everything about it; I workout according to a program and feel every muscle growing. It has helped me improve my sports performance immensely.
I'm a professional personal trainer and work at a gym. People often seek my help. Many people don't know how to work out on exercise machines, so I teach them how to use them effectively to do various exercises. But there are days when I'm not at the gym, so I use this app to help them when I’m not around! This app is perfect to help beginners gain confidence at the gym!
I don’t have many opportunities to go to the gym , so this app has been perfect for me to make the most of my time. It has a wide variety of programs dedicated to different muscle groups, a user friendly interface and excellent graphics. Thanks guys!
Very cool app! You choose a program specific to the goal of workouts. It's convenient that all the exercises feature live animation, so you can see what muscles are being worked and achieve the desired effect. In the paid version you can train with a coach who will design a set of exercises for you, lead you and encourage you in every possible way. There are a lot of various perks like workout diaries, dietary calories, workout encyclopaedias and a thriving community. I’m super happy I found this app!
I love this app! You can keep a diet diary and keep track of the number of burned calories. The exercises specific to muscle groups helped me to get myself into shape really quickly. Recommended, and thanks to the developers!
Awesome app! You can make your own program and track your progress and the entire history of your workouts can be seen. All kinds of exercises are described in detail, how to do them and what muscles are involved. Recommended!
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